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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions concerning flight claims and the services we provide.

Make A Claim

What is a flight claim?

If in the past six years you have experienced a long flight delay, been denied boarding or had your flight cancelled, then it is likely that you are eligible to claim compensation from the airline your flight was booked with.

Passengers are entitled to claim up to £520 per person for the inconvenience caused to them and for the loss of time they have suffered. The lowest amount you will recover on a successful claim is approximately £210 per passenger.

To make a claim, your flight must have either been departing from or landing within a European Union member state.

Why shouldn't I go direct to the airline?

You are able to go direct to the airline with your claim (without deduction from your compensation of our fee of 36% inc. VAT), however, a high percentage of claims are initially rejected. When this happens, the majority of people don’t know what to do next and so accept this initial rejection. With you have the reassurance that we will not stop at this rejection. Our experienced solicitors will analyse your claim and assess the next best course of action. Using the advice and knowledge of experts within the industry, such as weather experts, we will advise whether your claim is suitable to be taken to the aviation ombudsman or we will start to issue legal proceedings. We cover all associated fees such as court fees and preparation of documents, which you would be responsible for were you to claim yourself.

How do I know if I can make a claim?

Simply type your flight number or flight information into our Free Flight Checker and we will give you an instant decision as to whether or not you have a claim, including the amount of compensation you could receive.

How far back can I claim?

You can make claims for flights that have been scheduled for arrival within the last six years; claims cannot be made for flights that have arrived outside of the six-year timescale.

How much compensation will I receive?

You will be entitled to anything between £210 and £520 per passenger. The amount is determined by the length of your delay and the distance between departure and arrival airports. Insert your details into our Free Flight Checker and we will tell you how much you can recover .

Can I claim on behalf of my family / friends / travelling party who also suffered the delay?

You can act as the lead contact and handle the claim on behalf of other family members who also suffered the delay.

Can I claim on behalf of a child?

Adults and children have the same right to compensation, however, the child’s ticket must have been chargeable.

Can I claim if I didn’t buy the ticket myself?

Yes, legislation is designed to compensate passengers for the loss of time and inconvenience of a flight delay as opposed to reimbursing them for the cost of their ticket. The claim lies in the person travelling and not the individual who purchased the ticket.

Can I claim if my flight was diverted to a different airport?

Yes, you are eligible to make a claim if your flight was diverted to a different airport providing that you arrived late by three or more hours at your final destination.

Can I claim if I was put on a different airline?

You are still eligible to claim compensation if you were put on a replacement flight with a different airline providing that the flight arrived at its destination three or more hours after the original plane was scheduled to arrive.

Can I claim if I agreed to go on a later flight with the same airline?

If you accepted a later flight then you are still eligible to claim compensation providing that the replacement flight landed three or more hours after the scheduled arrival time of the original plane.

Can I claim if I missed a connecting flight?

Yes, provided all flights are made on the same booking, you can claim flight compensation if you arrived at your final destination over three hours later than originally scheduled.

Who are is a Solicitors practice and is a trading style of Joseph James (LS) Limited who are a specialist firm of Solicitors dealing in a wide variety of claims including Flight Claims. You can engage knowing you have the security of a knowledgeable and efficient team managing your claim.

How much will it cost?

You will be required to pay us 36% inc. VAT of any sum each passenger recovers. For example, if you recover £500 then you will be liable to pay us £180 inc. VAT. We do not charge any admin fees like other Solicitors and you only pay us if your claim is successful. These fees are deducted from your compensation and we send you the balance. Airlines will be required to make payment between 7 – 42 days after agreeing liability.

I can’t find my flight number, can I still claim?

Yes, even if you can’t find your flight number we can trace it for you. If you can’t find your flight on flight checker, then email and we will email you a swift response with the results. Alternatively, give us a call on 0333 212 3088 and we will check your flight free of charge. Please provide as much information as possible about the flight including:

  • Name of airline
  • Time and date of flight
  • Departure and arrival airports

How long does it take to process my claim?

How long it takes to settle your claim will depend entirely on the individual circumstances of your case and if/how far the airline decide to defend the claim. We will keep you regularly updated, however, we have had payments to our clients in under 21 days.

Right to Withdraw

The Client has the right to cancel their claim with My Flight Delayed within 14 calendar days of the agreement commencing. The Client must provide clear instructions to cancel their claim to My Flight Delayed either by email, postal letter or orally. The Client is not obliged to inform My Flight Delayed of the reason for cancellation; though the reason may be asked, the Client cannot be forced to give this.

Should the Client cancel their claim within the 14 calendar days but decide to resume the claim within this same timescale, My Flight Delayed will begin work again on the Client’s behalf and the Client will no longer be entitled to cancel their claim.

The client has a right to cancel the contract within 14 days of signing these terms and conditions. They can do so in writing, email or orally. If they wish to cancel outside of the 14 day period then we may charge a cancellation fee of £90 inc. VAT per passenger unless the Airline has accepted their claim, in which case our normal charges will apply as the cancellation fee.